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Default Best way to reverse a servo

I am building my first big bird and have to use two servos on the elevator halves. The servos sit in opposite directions and for the servos to operate correctly one has to be reversed.
As far as I see I have three options:
1. buy a servo reverseing Y-harness
2. buy an eight channel reciever so I can use my 8UA to drive each servo from a different channel. (this way I am not even sure I can reverse each servo seperately, but I am pretty sure you can.)
3. take apart the servo and follow numerous posts on how to reverse the servo. (not really interested in this)

One more problem I have is that the 7 channel reciever I have was on 38 and my transmitter is on 52...........I am thinking I may be better buying the new reciever and specifying my channel. Any thoughts???????????? Thank You