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Default RE: Sterling Spitfire

How about pics of yours from long ago?


Forgot to answer your last question. I don't believe I have any pics of my first Spitfire. It originally flew with a K&B 45 and Kraft reed 10 channel radio. The K&B was soon replaced by an Orwick 64. The Orwick was more powerful but the idle was lousy with the primitive throttle I adapted onto it. So I retired it for a few years.

Then in the early 70's I resurrected it with a proportional radio and ST 60 Bluehead. Now it was a real airplane Even with the 60 it wasn't particularly fast, but looked very cool coming out of a prolonged dive and sweeping by at 10 feet or so and finishing up with a victory roll.

When the airplane reached the point of needing a major refurb I gave it to a promising young teenager who flew it some more before hitting a farm implement on landing approach. Sterling made tough models, but International Harvester was tougher.