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Default RE: Sterling Spitfire

Hi Dick,
I see your problem. Full scale airplanes! Two Robins! Wright's or OX? (I remember Perry Schreffler's Newsboy, he thought he'd never finish it.) Very cool, a Jenny. L-2, huh? Not just a BC! Just sold my Pitts Special last year, wondering if I can find a cheap 120 or 140 for my son and I as the acro and expensive stuff is now out of the question.

I have an Aristocraft Staggerwing kit, I feel your pain.

(I pulled a canopy the other day on the old King Cobra. Too grainy of a mix on the hydrocal. I need to mix it differently. It should work though. Trying again tomorrow.)

I love the 25 lbs balsa. Usually with age the stuff gets lighter! I wonder what it was when they boxed it!? A buddy built a Sterling Spitfire Sunter by tracing all of the kit parts, simplifying some structure and using real wood. He saved a bunch of weight and it was very straight and tight. It sure would be cool to see your F3F and Spitfire both flying! (Do you use ancient engines and radios?)

I got my King Cobra graphics done and the cutter is mailing them right away. I'm excited about it again. I'm going to finish that model next. Should be interesting with the 91 and those stock ailerons. I'll be posting on it soon in the Pattern thread.

Happy New Year,