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Default RE: Tamiya Tiger startup problem

Hi Arild,
I've been following your build on Planet Armor for some time now and I am most impressed with the level of detail on your build. I used a bunch of the Aber stuff on my Tiger, but a lot of it was just too small for me to work with. Can't wait to see it finished.

Anyway, I have a few of things you can try:
1) Check all your electrical connections, particularly your receiver connections. If no signal is getting to the receiver (external antenna connection) or if no signal is going from the receiver to the DMD (receiver connections) then you might see the symptoms you describe.
2) Did you try to repeat the DMD set up procedure on page 18?
3) Are the transmitter and receiver using the same frequency and are both crystals seated tightly?
4) Batteries: are the batteries in your transmitter good?
5) Are you running the dual battery setup or a single battery? If you are running the dual batteries are they both charged? Are they both functioning properly?

Hopefully one of these suggestions will work for you.