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Default 5th channel and xport mods and ideas for use

i thought it would be nice to have a place to post ideas just for the 5th channel and xport. so lets see if we can get a gathering of all the mods and home built uses for these. maybe someone would want to do a step by step for the flaps mod. but here was the idea i had that got this started.

so i was in my room tonight looking for something new to work on when i glanced apon a foam glider( throw and go type) when i got the idea to use my trojan as a tow plane. i originally was going to put some mini storm launcher electronics in the foam glider but now i think it would be alot of fun to tow it up to height with the trojan, and have a 5th channel controlled servo to release the tow line so that it glides back down. one thing i may want to do is to put a single channel control for steering in it so that i can prevent it from gliding off into some treetops. but just a thought i had. if i put it into works i will post in here with the details of the build with some pics. lets here some other ideas guys. im also curious as to if its possible to use the xport for more than the things made for it, such as wiring a servo to it somehow and whatnot. not sure of its limitations, thanks guys, chris