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Default RE: 5th channel and xport mods and ideas for use

hey guys i had another outlandish idea. i was thinking of having some type of anti crash parachute on the trojan, and if by some chance theres a loss of control up at height or anything of that nature should happen have a parachute that can deploy to allow it to just float down safely. i started drawing the plans for how it could work. as of now im thinking that when the switch it hit the servo will pop open a latch that allows the parachute to deploy, and when the switch is flipped again the servo will pull a release pin that releases the parachute if needed. sounds odd or undoable but ive got the hardest details worked out for it. i could prolly explain in better detail but i just woke up. ill post back with my progress.

i also quickly pondered the idea of having a set of elevator flaps that could retract outward during inverted flight that could hold it in a level inverted flight without the need for elevator inputs. just a thought, chris