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Default RE: are Magnum XLS 46 Engine good engines?

I haven't found an engine yet that I haven't liked. I've run O.S. Max, Thunder Tiger, Super Tigre, GMS, Magnum, MECOA, HB, Saito, JBA, and Enya engines and they've all been great. Each seems to have its own set of quirks, but they've all ran well and been fun to fly.

I have Magnum XLS .46a and .52a two-strokes and a pair of the wonderful XL .52 RFS four strokes. I have an old Super Tigre Bull Ring .46 and a new G-61 ringed that I fly regularly and both are terrific. I flew a GMS .47 for a full season and it was amazing with regard to power and transition, but I had to send it in for warranty repair after flying it with the cylinder head slightly loose. Hobby Services shipped me a brand new replacement engine in one week's time. I have an old O.S. Max .46 FX that I bought used four years ago that is still flying perfectly. Running that engine always reminds me why so many pilots love O.S. Max engines.

If I could only fly one brand of engine, I'd fly Thunder Tiger. Quality and power at an easy-to-swallow price, I really like their entire engine range. I currently have flying a Pro .46, a GP-61, and an F-91s with two GP-07s and a GP-40 waiting for additonal projects. If a Thunder Tiger isn't expensive enough, then I'd likely order the most comparable Enya available to soak up any additional disposable income I need to shed.

I'm still looking for excuses to buy and fly a K&B Sportster .46 or .61, a K&B Screamin' .48, a JBA .75, a Webra Speed .55, a YS 63s and/or YS FZ110-S, a Saito .56 or .62, and a Thunder Tiger F75-s. I love playing with all kinds of different glow engines, figuring out their favorite plugs and fuel mixes, and getting each of them to run its best.

I will eventually have to rent warehouse space if I am to own a plane for each of the different engines I'd like to give a try.