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Default RE: 5th channel and xport mods and ideas for use

if by some chance theres a loss of control up at height or anything of that nature should happen have a parachute that can deploy to allow it to just float down safely. i started drawing the plans for how it could work. as of now im thinking that when the switch it hit the servo will pop open a latch that allows the parachute to deploy, and when the switch is flipped again the servo will pull a release pin that releases the parachute if needed. sounds odd or undoable but ive got the hardest details worked out for it.
If you make the parachute recovery system that is deployed by a signal from the TX, it won't help if you lose control of the plane due to TX/RX problems... It would help if you lose orientation or flight control servo problems, but you'd need to have it failsafe to the deploy position if you want it to help with a loss of control. The Spektrum receivers let you set the failsafe positions of some of the channels when binding, but I'm not sure if you can do it to all of them. It might work better with the Xport, but I'm not sure what that does when you lose reception.