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Default RE: My alpha 40's engine?

ORIGINAL: Jacked69

Thanks fellas, that was very helpful, now I have flown the alpha with the evo a lot, will I notice a significant power difference from the super tigre? I would imagine I would but just how much of a difference? I also went with the 45 because I picked up a escapade after talking to RCKen and by then I can just put back the evo in the alpha and the ST in the escapade which for such a small plane like the Escapade should make that thing a missle like my pulse 40.

If you picked up an escapade you are lucky since, like RCKen stated, they have been out of stock seemingly everywhere. I just finished the assembly on mine and hope to fly it soon. I noticed in numerous posts that you stated that you have someone "build" your planes due to a lack of time. I'd suggest that you try to assemble the escapade yourself and gain a broader understanding of the assembly process (by no means will it be the understanding afforded by a kit build but it's a start). The reason I suggest this is that, like I said, I've just completed mine. It arrived on 12/30/08. I get very little time at the moment to work on, much less fly, my planes since I not only have a 3 year old nipping at my heals but a son that was born on 12/26/08. The escapade was a very quick assembly with very detailed illustrated instructions. The thread under the ARF/RTF forum provides some excellent help and some of the guys that have assembled the plane (myself excluded) are very experienced. In addition, RCKen has stated that he will assemble and review the plane here on RCU, so I don't think you could ask for a better resource in the event of any questions. I hope you don't take this as a challenge or an insult. It's merely my opinion based on your posts I've read.