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Default RE: hi-band vs. low band which is better

As Bruce says, you'll get lower performance. What does that mean?? Well, it means you could lose your plane. Always use the correct crystal for that band that the receiver is on.

Which one is better?? Doesn't matter, they are the same. Low band is channels 11-35 and high band is channels 36-60. It really boils down to what's better for the area you are in as to what channel to use. The best thing to do is contact the club where you are flying and find out if they have any recommendations. A lot of clubs keep a list of the channels that their members use, that way you can choose one that has fewer pilots on it. But that can be bad too. At some fields they don't use certain channels because there is interference on that channel. That's another reason for contacting the club, they can tell you what channels to stay away from.