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If you are new to rc helicopter, don't start with a 6-channel. They are not as easy to fly as you think. To all new customers, we suggest them to start with 4-Channel Co-Axials because they are alot easier to hover and give you a feel of how rc helicopters operate. And you won't get frustrated taht easily =)
The Laws of physics say the above statement is incorrect, there is no way that a 4 channel co-axial will give you any indication of how a 6 channel will operate.
All the customer will gain is stick time and they may as well do that on a simulator and save on the spares costs of the 4 channel.

Buy a decent 6 and follow Radds to the letter and remember buy cheap buy twice.
well, some people like you are gifted when it comes to rc helicopter so what you say is exceptional. Xheli.com doenst recommend beginners to start with 6-ch because it tends to be more frustrating to learn and people with no patience tend to give up easily