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Default Links to outboard engine sites

Speaking of hulls -dont be missslead by the e-bay listings of dumas hulls or kits as rare, go to the dumas site , the subcatigory for boats is called specialy priced and you will find all the old hulls, example- dumad skadaddle for around 38$ and the e-bayer will have near that for reserve!! LOL
Do your reserch befor you buy e-bay then you can laff at the popr sap that paid too much.

Drydok-- you s.o.b. I thats all i neaded to hear , that the motor I was going to bid you out of was a deal.
No realy I'm glad to hear that you have had good luck on e-bay too, I have a 3.5 o.b. and 2 7.5 i.b. just aquired a jet drive for one.

latter -