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Default RE: Dynamite Tazer 15T esc problems

Not that it's much help, but I've got two of these and a friend has one as well. My friend's and my first one took awhile before finally going into program mode.

In my friend's case, we tried for about an hour trying various transmitters and battery packs before finally giving up. A couple of hours later we decided to give it one more try and it worked.

With my other one, I went through a similar process before it finally worked.

I'm currently trying to get one setup for my son and have about given up on it. I've written to the support desk and am waiting to hear back.

Like I said at the beginning, it's not much help, but in the first two cases, persistence and continually trying every possible combination (including unplugging the battery pack) and it finally worked. It is such a shame because of the value these ESCs provide. Tough to beat for the money once you get them to program.