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Default RE: Need Help Identifying Plane.


How in the world do you expect anyone to be able to answer that question with a picture that only shows closeup shot of a pair of retractable landing gear and a partial shot of a muffler?

Geez, let's see, could be and Edge 540, Cap 232, Extra 300, a low wing warbird (P51, P38, any Axis plane FW-190), could even be a BiPlane or WWI era plane, maybe a Hi wing plane.

It's a gasser that has retractable landing gear and it probably is not a jet by the way it is sitting. I'd say it's most likely a low wing plane (pattern, warbird, etc...) but that's probably the best 'answer' you are going to get unless someone built that exact plane and has built it the exact same way.

Your question and picture is the equivalent to me asking you what word am I thinking of but I can't tell you how many letters it contains, but it does contain the letter 'a').
Man you know, I can almost guess what that word is, like wow. Okay, no need for a smart (word contain and A) remark. I said that's all I got, if someone knew it that's be great, if not, then okay. Like wow, I was expecting a good answer..I found another photo..Idk if it will help, it might. Anyone Guess now?

How's that?