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Default RE: Standoff Length

If that was my gear, I'd first run some thin CA down into the crack a couple of times to fill it as deep in as possible, give that plenty of time to cure, then I'd take some medium or thick CA and force it into the crack like you would patch a hole in a wall. Once you get the crack filled, take the weight off the wheels to let the crack close up some. I personally wouldn't run any screws into it for fear it would weaken it more. It really isn't that bad yet. I hate to say it, because I love my Yaks and am a big fan of QQ's planes, but I think the fiberglass gear have always been a bit of a problem with his planes. Mine failed on about the second landing, and it wasn't hard or rough or anything, it just de-laminated and came apart like a bomb had gone off inside it, and I never was able to get them to replace it. I know a lot of guys did, but I couldn't.

That's a really nice looking plane. I'd be interested to hear how it flys with that three-bladed prop. Does it hover easier? Torque roll more stable?

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