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Default RE: Rolling with hard elevator on Yak 102

You are very welcome, I hope I can help.

Just one more question, you are coming on downline at idle then you pull on the elevator basically pulling making an angle (corner) is that at idle? or when you pull you give it throttle?

Heat gun method is easy, plug the wings to the fuse or have someone hold the root, then grab the wing tip and twist it in the opposite direction that is off, then you will see wrinkles in the wing on top and the bottom, you need to get the heat gun and a glove and take care of those wrinkles. You need to repeat this process to achieve the desired incidence. It works great and unlike some saying, it won't come back unless it is way off!

If your incidence is off or wing has a warp, your airplane trim will be different at half throttle than full throttle. So basically if you trim the plane at full throttle which you should do and then fly the plane at half throttle, you will notice plane wanting to roll to the left or right slightly and will require stick input for level flight.

Another test would be to first make sure the plane is not showing any roll tendency in a full power upline, then do a downline that is perfectly straight at idle, take your hands off the sticks and if plane wanted to roll to one direction that can be an indication of incidence as well.

Hope this helps a little,



We are all going to miss your fine counsel. Thanks for your response. I will get an incidence meter. But I do not know how to warp the wing by using a hot gun. Please explain or guide me to some instruction.

You asked what my throttle is on down lines. The answer is idle. I was testing for dynamic balance.
Plane weight is 27.5 #.

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