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Default RE: Rolling with hard elevator on Yak 102

Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate it.
Back to your problem, I really don’t think at that attitude incidence can play a huge roll. I think you may be stalling one wing faster before you actually reach level flight! It’s really hard to say since I am not there to see what’s happening but if you have very little elevator, there is a chance by the time plane is getting close to level flight wing(s) are already stalled. I suggest that you add more throw and try, OR try with a little more throttle, one more thing I would increase the expo on that flight mode for ailerons a lot to ensure that doesn’t make it worse.
Also weigh both wings and see how much apart they are. My wings almost on all my QQ planes have had very close weights so if they are out of balance it is not much.

I would do that before getting a hold of incidence meter since you don’t have one readily available.

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Resagh, you asked if the throttle is kept at idle through the pull out. The answer is yes. Thanks for the new ideas.

By the way, Composite Arf may not know they need your support service, but they do. If you showed them how helpful you have been to the QQ crowd they may realize what is missing in their own support.
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