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Default RUN AWAY car stories

I was driving my brand new truck on it's second tank. You know, going very slow in figure 8's. When all the sudden it went full throttle and my controller did not work. I was scared and in about one second I was thinking FARK!!! I'm gonna break my brand new expensive toy. Well the good news was that it was coming in my direction, it hit the curb, jumped up in the air a bit (no damage) and hit the ground starting to accelerate again. It was coming right at me. Luckily the top was off (as I have read to do when breaking in the thing) and I was able to grab the handle thing and it grazed my leg as i grabbed it. WHHEEWWWW, I saved it and only had a little bruise to show. After that I got a fail safe before I ran it again. My problem was that the prongs in my controller that touch the batteries were not bent out on one of the batteries, easy fix, but I feel much better with my fail safe.