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Default RE: RUN AWAY car stories


I've only had 1 run away, it was in the early 90's with my highly modified grasshopper. it was running on 14.8 volts with a custom made manual speed control and i think a 12turn motor my dad wanted to race his Monte Carlo SS vs my RC so we went to this HUGE parking lot and i gave him a running start he was at nearly 50mph when he came up to my starting line and i passed him like he was standing still, had no way to measure my speed but I'm guessing somewhere around d 65mph when i crossed the finish line.

this is when i lost control and about 100 ft after the finish line it jumped the curb and hit a chain link fence over half the car managed to find its was threw the fence there was only 1 part that wasn't completely destroyed and that was the throttle servo after sorting threw the broken pieces i found the speed control had welded itself at full throttle
I highly doubt that a Grasshopper from the 90's can go 65mph.. Yet accelerate 0-50 or above in the time given....Also that wasn't a runaway that was just lack of driving skill.