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I've only had 1 run away, it was in the early 90's with my highly modified grasshopper. it was running on 14.8 volts with a custom made manual speed control and i think a 12turn motor my dad wanted to race his Monte Carlo SS vs my RC so we went to this HUGE parking lot and i gave him a running start he was at nearly 50mph when he came up to my starting line and i passed him like he was standing still, had no way to measure my speed but I'm guessing somewhere around d 65mph when i crossed the finish line.

this is when i lost control and about 100 ft after the finish line it jumped the curb and hit a chain link fence over half the car managed to find its was threw the fence there was only 1 part that wasn't completely destroyed and that was the throttle servo after sorting threw the broken pieces i found the speed control had welded itself at full throttle
I highly doubt that a Grasshopper from the 90's can go 65mph.. Yet accelerate 0-50 or above in the time given....Also that wasn't a runaway that was just lack of driving skill.
shhhhh you!

had my kitana buggy sitting on a stand breaking in. ran it for prolly 25 minutes on the stand and as SOON as i set it in the grass the rx pack died and BBBBRRRRRRRRRR!!!! it took off. funny thing was, it managed to make two left hand turns and run between two buildings without hitting anything, of course WFO, on a brand new engine. it had snagged on of the legs on an antenna and shattered the gas tank, crashing into a ditch, filled with water, of course. good thing though, it was about to launch into highway traffic.