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e30pq, to respond to your thoughts on my tail assembly, I belive I had the vertical and horizontal stabilizers seated together firmly (there is no gap between the two), but maybe I'll unfasten it and check on it again. The stabilizer doesn't move much at high rates, but enough where I noticed it.

Since Tom and bonebreak mentioned the Sullivan tail gear, I figured I'd post a picture of mine. I had to shorten the mounting bracket in order to clear the hole where the stabilizer threaded standoffs come through the bottom of the fuse. It only required cutting the last mounting hole off (you'll see what I mean in the photo). The hole closest to the pivot is fastened to fuse with a wood screw. I was able to fasten the hole furthest away from the pivot with a machine screw and nut on the inside of the fuse. I got the one for 5-12 lb range.

Hearing the stories about tail wheels falling off, I think I'll grind a little flat in the tail gear, and locktite the set screw into the collar. I meant to do it before, but forgot as I continued with the build. I'm glad the discussion came up again to jog my memory.

I weighed my finished plane (with the extra 1 oz nose weight), and it came out to 5 lbs 5 oz. Pretty good, I think.

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