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Default RE: Airsoft gun battery connecter question

More current does mean more power. But it's not the connector that supplies the power. The connector only connects the battery wiring to the gun/car wiring. If the connector has some internal resistance then that can limit the power it allows to pass. If enough power is being drawn then you may see a drop in voltage across the connector. But if the device (gun/car) does not draw enough for the loss at the connector to matter then changing to a lower loss connector won't change anything.
You want a low loss connector on RC's because they do draw a lot of current and a connector with a higher internal resistance can cause voltage drops and will affect performance. Think of it like this, a higher loss connector is like twisting wires togeather where a low loss conncetor is like soldering wires togeather. It doesn't add anything, just makes a better connection for what's there to pass through.