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ORIGINAL: jeffreyheslop

yes i understand that the rules are there for a reason, but what about people who want to fly when ever they want, i was told that you can only fly on this day at this time with this member, if they can make it if not you cant fly. why would i want to pay, if i cant fly when i want, understanable you have to comply with the people living in the area. but where is teh fun in flying when they say when and how. i'm not no cowboy, i want to fly and just relaxs. i've been to the field up in duncan. and they are the best bunch of guys i've ever met. and yes they have rules, flying only on sundays, but in the summer there is also evning flying on tues and thrus. when i first got into the sport, i had no idea on what i was doing, i smashed up my first planebut when i went there they were so helpful, they fixed up my plane with me showd me what i have to do and stood beside me till i felt like i was ready. there is no judgment on anyone, you can show up with a pos and thell help you get it up in the air, from old to young rich to poor, they don't care they are there to have fun.
so thankyou for clarifying why the vic flying club is a stick in the mud, but i am going to continue to drive to duncan and enjoy the flying without needing permision
Wow! Sounds like Victoria is better off without you. Rules are meant to protect what they have now.

Getting some jockey in there who wants to do whatever he wants "without needing permission" is NOT what they need. EVER!