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Default After a second look

While going over this thing with fine toothed comb before starting assembly, I have found some more issues.
The biggest thing is the wing will not fully seat into the wing saddle. I will have to do some work here.
The next thing which I just hate is the hinge slots are not cut straight or centered on the control surface edge!!! Come on people!!!
I have taken care of the retract side to side slop but after test fitting into the wing its going to take some major bending of the pushrod to keep from rubbing on the wheel wells.
I am going to keep the tank, engine mount, wheels, and retracts. Everything else is going in the trash.
The soft Phillips head screws are worthless to me. I think the soft copycat robart hinge points are cute, but I'll opt for the real thing thank you. The chicken wire pushrods should not be used at all. After a trip to the lhs to get some good old Sullivan hardware and 4-40 rods I will begin assembly.
One last thing I might do since I have to modify the wing saddle is set the stab/wing at 0-0. The 60 size I had was not and I had annoying pitch changes with airspeed changes. Minus the above, the plane is covered well and looks cool sitting in the floor taped together. It is definitely going to look awesome screaming low down the runway.

Good luck with yours,