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Default RE: $350 or less nitro RTR 1/8 buggy

as long as you stay with known brands like kyosho losi ofna Team Associated mugen xray cen ect, you should be fine.

As for the thread starter, it makes me uneasy to think you wanna start off your hobby with only 350. I know i'm coming off as a pr!ck but its all coming from personal experience. When i was 14/15 years old i would do the same thing, I'd get 400 bucks for Christmas and get a buggy or something. The truth is, 400 is no where near enough cash to start out with. I mean sure you can get the hyper 7 buggy for about 300. but then you need fuel, glowplugs, glow igniter, batteries, cash for broken parts (it will happen eventually). My best advice is to take your 350 bucks, be patient, cut some grass or get a job, save up about 500 or even 600, then buy your buggy. You will be much happier with the hobby and you'll be prepared when something goes wrong. I'm just tryin to look out for you and make your experience the best it can be.

But if you must get one right now, then yes the hyper 7 is definitely the best buggy you can get for your 350 bucks. back in the day, the hyper 7 was one of the premier buggies. hope we helped ya