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Default RE: Issue of AMA membership revokation.

Mark & Bill,

While I understand your position, this is not something that I would support.

I think you both know my feelings on this, as I've "called" the individual in question publicly on his attempts to garner support for doing the same to another member, and am in fact the target of the insult quoted in LCS's message above. I've been very vocal in my comments about such on this board as well as RCG. I've also said as much in reply to his unsolicited email requests for assistance, which hopefully have finally stopped.

I think Bill is correct in his assessment that nothing would come of it, and to be honest I don't believe that anything SHOULD come of it, at least based on comments or actions involving postings on internet message boards whether they are public such as this or a private Yahoo group. IMO trying to do such would only be sinking to a common level.

That said, if an individual has been misusing his position as AVP and deliberatly causing problems, that is a different story. However, I'm not familiar enough with what has or hasn't happend to jump on that bandwagon at this point.

My advice to both of you would be to NOT sink to the same level that you perceive of this particular individual.