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I answered your post over at RC Groups as well but it appears your making the number one mistake that most new Hyperion Users do. You need to plug in the main battery leads as well at the balance taps. We supply a charge lead with all the Hyperion chargers well sell. That lead plugs into the chargers out put jacks and into your battery main leads. In your case with the smaller e-sky batteries you'll need a JST connector for the leads.

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I am having the same issues as a previous post. On the same charger, I am trying to charge e-flite pack. 2100mAh 3S. When I set the parameters to that, I plug the pack to the JXT connector and press enter. It says Connector is connected, but battery is not. I have tried several working packs to no avail. I assume the banana plugs do not have to be in, and just the JXT box.