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Default RE: how do i can make the tires more soft

As texx stated above, you just need to break out the xacto knife and a rotary tool and go to town. They stink to high heavens when you use the dremel but it makes fast work of it. You will still need the hobby knife to do the detail cutting but I would just say figure out which ones you want to cut and even go as far as marking them with a white out pen or light paint/fingernail polish so you don't get confused and cut off the wrong lugs. Just from pulling one lug from the edge of the tire that has a grouping of 3 makes a noticable difference. Take for example texx's tires on yellow crawler. I've seen mixed postings on these forums about the tires. Whether you should remove the big lugs or remove the small ones but man, I just say go with it. There probably isn't the "right way" to do any of these mods we are doing but that's what makes them enjoyable. If you do a fantastic job on a mod, we want to hear about it because who knows, you may have the next big thing that we never even thought about and we will be coming to you for answers and a how-to. It just takes some elbow grease and they don't sell that at Wal-mart.
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