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Default RE: Parkzone Typhoon 3D ?

Nice video Snoop . I am not sure why you posted it on the Typhoon thread that died out almost a year ago but I am glad you did . I read back through some of my posts and it reminded me of what crap that radio is that comes with the Typhoon . I wish I would have tried to to get money back for that radio . Instead I did what many others did and got the Spektrum 6Dxi radio . I flew the TY many times last season till at the end of the season I didn't notice an aileron control horn was broken . I crashed hard enough to destroy the fuselage . It cost me $50 in parts a couple of weeks ago to get it ready to fly again . I can't wait till I get a calm enough day to start flying my TY again . I will follow the #1 rule this year and make sure all control surfaces are working properly before every flight .