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Default RE: Flycamone 2 issue

In case it helps, here is my FC02 cheat sheet:

Slide switch - UP towards top of camera = ON
Switch next to slide switch = SHUTTER
Top switch = MODE

Video recording – VR - 25fps 640x480 50MB/min. Shown by running dots”“.
Video endless – VE - As UR – storage is overwritten. Shutter button stops.
Video low – VL - Same as “VR”, but reduced resolution of 320x280 pixels
Video lo-light – Vd – Suitable for low-light recording

Photo – PR - Records at 1280x1024 pixels, 100KB/picture. Shows “[ ]”
Photo endless – PE - Pictures at 4-second intervals. Shutter button or memory stops..

Spy video – SR - Room observation. Motion detector recognizes motion thermally in range 5m at an angle 90° at temperature of 25°C. Recording continues while thermal sources are moving field of view. Shutter button or memory stops.
Spy video endless - SE – Same as “SR” – storage is overwritten Shutter button stops.
Spy video low – SL - Same as “SR” with reduced resolution 320x280 pixels.
Spy video lo-light – Sd – Suitable for low-light recording
Download and/or charging – PC - Charging takes about 3 hours.
WebCam – WC - Connection to PC as webcam. Drivers at www.FlyCamOne.com/driver
Memory full - MF
Delete – DL - Deletes the last record, doesn´t matter whether video or photo.