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Default RE: Rear Dom silencer is finished!!!

ORIGINAL: Ballistic Lunacy

Wow nice work! looks very professional. How did you attach it? Looks like very clean spot-welds.

A little 'how to' guide wouldn't go amiss.
Rite on man!
They are rivets.
Here's how I did it for you guys
Here's my write up:
Buy a silencer from DDM and drill out the factory rivets and disassemble it.
It should look like this.

Lightly tap the silencer housing on the end of your rear dom to gauge where the end of the silencer is going to be and cut and fit.
It should look like this.

Next mark your mounting holes on your rear dom and drill them.
I made 6 for a strong fit. Measure about 1/4 up from the holes you drilled for the bottom mount and Swiss cheese the end of your rear dom.
I used a drill press. Use a cobalt drill bit.
This is the most time consuming part. After your done it should look like this.

Wrap the packing around the holes.
Since the pipe is tapered it won't wrap around and cover them all.
Cut a triangle sliver out of your 2nd piece of packing and tape it tight over the holes.
Here's a pic.

Pop rivet it all up, I used 3/16 rivets