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Default RE: Integy sucks man!!

First of all, if you're buying high stress parts like a-arms and wheelie bars that are made of aluminium for your RC's and not expecting them to bend, that's your fault for being foolish. ALL of the aluminum parts made by EVERY manufacturer will bend if it's something like an a-arm and your out jumping and bashing. You should be buying RPM, or another brand, of plastic parts for stuff like that.

Secondly, Chris is right on about their parts being just fine if you buy the right ones. I have some Integy shocks that work great, they're probably actually the smoothest operating shocks I have!! Also, things like bulkheads, capture pin retainers, steering parts, etc... are just fine.

The lesson for you all here is not to buy a-arms, wheelie bars, and shock towers that are aluminium, because when you jump or crash you're ALWAYS going to be bending them. Aluminium has it's place in RC's, but a lot of people buy aluminium parts, 'cause they think they're cool, that should by NO means be made of aluminium.

I couldnt have said it better myself .