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Default RE: GCM racing and Platinum RC Products introduce the RB2

ORIGINAL: rhylsadar

very nice built. i like some of the gcm stuff really well. especially the diffs.
i will however never understand that people spend much money to make a monster truck look like a "quasi truggy" whereas they could have bought a real racer truggy to begin with which would most probably even perform "better" on a track. but to each his own. [8D]


ps: the most needed part for e savage, namely stock length cvd were never produced by gcm or am i missing something?
well i didnt spend much money makin it a quasi truggy like you think. $20 in shock towers isnt really that expensive. neither was using a spare wing mount from a buggy and an $8 wing.

This vehicle was purchased as a basher vehicle and remained so for well over a year. but then i took it to a track..... it didnt perform very well so the modifications began.

also, just so your aware, they actually have MT classes at most race tracks. which means monster truck, not truggy or buggy, but monster truck. but to each his own right