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Default RE: Experience with "FlyCamOne2" Micro Video Camera

ORIGINAL: willowarune

I finally got my FlyCamOne2 in the mail yesterday....

Made sure the unit was OFF and plugged it into the USB connection. The letters PC emerged, but then no change. No indication of charging (i.e. 33, 66, 99) as instructions stated and no fuctions. Taking the unit off the USB connection and the screen simply went blank.

Any suggestions?


I think there is a mode that will show the 33, 66, and 99 while charging, but I don't use it, or can't find it; one of the two! The instruction manual is obviously translated to English by someone whose first language isn't.

In any case, leave it plugged in for at least 2 hours and you should have a full charge.

Mine also goes blank after unplugging also. That's because the power switch should still be off. (duh)

Now, go thru the power up sequence for a video recording:

1. Slide the power switch on (forward towards the lens). The screen will still be blank.
2. Press the middle button (should now see "PY" on the LCD; if you see another set of characters, I think you keep pressing this button until "PY" appears)
3. Press the forward button (should see "Up" )
4. Press the middle button again to begin recording (moving dashes appears around the perimeter of the LCD)
5. Press the middle button again to stop recording.
6. Power down.
6. Hook up the USB cable when you're back at your computer and download the video file.