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Default Help A Biginner Out - Engines on a 2M pattern plane

splais - having owned, and run, the YS 1.40, OS 1.40 and 1.60, ST 2300, Webra 1.45 RX, I think your decision runs into these issues:
(I have a Mintor 1.40 arriving tomorrow)

1. If you DON'T want to rework your current nose ring and mounting system, the OS 1.40 and Mintor 1.40 are drop in's...even the needle valve is in the same place.
2. If you don't mind reworking the exhaust section - try to find a YS 1.40 L version used....it's bullet proof, proven, and produces outstanding power (with the expense of pretty frequent maintenance)
3. If you don't mind reworking the mount, and the exhaust system, the OS 1.60 FX (not EFI) version is probably OVERALL the most cost-effective power for price. It turns a helluva prop, at decent rpm on relatively low nitro, and is easy to setup and tune, but you will need an Iron Bay or Cline "pressure flow regulator".
4. If you are after absolute BOTTOM dollar, and don't mind reworking mount AND exhaust, then the newest ST 2300 is outstanding. You'll need the regulator mentioned above, but it will spin a 17 x 10 on a pipe near 8000 on 25% nitro....and NEW the thing costs $199 from Tower.

There are LOTS of powerful choices out there....