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Default Arm vs. Drum - sorta

Arm winches work well, though now we're entering the realm of probably the oldest debate in R/C yachting . You either need less friction - or more power

My first boat, a Victoria, came with (from the guy I bought it from) a Futaba FPS25 arm winch. It's a stout, though old, servo. I go sailing, right? And the danged thing wouldn't pull the sails in. Huh, says I. That's a pretty strong servo.

I installed blocks in the arm (instead of the metal ring) and the back of the cockpit. I replaced the blue string with spyderwire. Much better. Then I installed a block on deck at the jib sheet and separated the sheets, though still using a single-sided arm. Better yet.

Then I installed a 5-cell battery. All fixed. This wasn't a major project - just a scratching the head while sailing project, and every change improved the boat.

Talk to me about the Dumas 3701 arm I just installed one modified by my buddy into a proportional servo. Let me tell ya - if a frame gets in the way of that arm? No more frame. If a sheet hangs up? You're gonna pull the rig down.....

I just modified my dad's original open-ended drum setup in his EC12 into a closed loop system and he couldn't be happier. He's probably sailed it 20 hours or more this year, in spite of the weather, and hasn't had a hang-up or a snarl. The open-ended one probably could've stood some improvement, but hung up so often that we didn't even consider fixing it.