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Default Looking for a new engine (O.S. , RB or Novarossi)


I'm looking to purchase a new engine a replace my old-tired RB Cconept Worlds S7 for race sessions. I had in the past O.S. RG and RZ and I know they are a quality piece, performance is good but most important, are very reliable! Now the new VZ series of O.S. seems to have some options, there is th eblack one wich was the champion last year but I'm not looking for a crazy power-price yet so I might like to get a more STD version of the VZ if I go this route. What version do exist and what are th emain differences in the VZ models?

O.S. Max .21 VZ-B V-Spec-T (P) Turbo Race Engine
O.S. Speed .21 V-Spec Turbo Race Engine
O.S. .21VZ-B V-Spec 2 Worlds ABC 21JS Slide Carb Race Engine

Now for the RB Comcept, how is this engine runing in general? What I like abotu RB is it power and 2 needle carb design wich is mcuh easier to tune up for the most and its reliable. What model would you suggest and why?

I had Novarossi engines in the past, very powerfull but I never had one of them properlly tuned or maybe they weren't enough reliable to me on the track.

About my World S7 RB engine I have right now, I would like to repair it, does someone knows if any piston sleeve-piston and con rod combo of the new RB engines would be possible to use?