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Default PYLON practice day - Mulberry Florida - 06/13/09

Hello fellow pylon racers,

We are going to put up the poles and close the field to all non-pylon racers on Saturday June 13, 2009 in Mulberry Florida for a one day practice. We will run all day long starting just after sunrise and going till we wear out, crash all our toys or the bugs carry us away!! This will be on the AMA long course and we will allow any 424, 422, 428 or FAI F3D planes to come out and play. This will be an informal practice day, so come out to test, practice or even learn what 3 pole racing is all about. There will be plenty of guys to help you.

We will be collecting a $10.00 entry fee for each pilot to cover closing the field for the day. This will be a run what you brung event, so be sure to have fuel with you. Randy and Gary will be here representing Team USA FAI and I would incourage you guys to considering donating or buying some raffle tickets to help support these guys who will represent the USA in Germany in a couple of months.

If we have enough interest in this event, we can provide concessions, or just order out pizza or something.

I want to get a feel for how many to expect and make sure it is worth closing the field, so If you think you will be able to attend, please email me ssmith4710*AOL.COM , PM me here or call me at (863) 670-5141 to let me know. Last August we had over 30, I hope we can beat that this time!!

Thanks guys,