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Default RE: The Smasher - Building the Wood V-Tail

I have added a warning on the page on my web site about using Scaling: None.

I have also updated all of the drawings with a reference measurement.

I now have a new stab [link=]V_Tail_Stab2.pdf[/link] without the points. As well as the original stab [link=]V_Tail_Stab.pdf[/link] on the page.

Advanced testing on the Smasher has shown that it is indeed very clean, but that the pointy tips on the composite tail MAY be a source of slight drag over some magic MPH number.

Assembling and shaping the pointy tips is extra work. So I'm going to start making wood tails without the points because I can make the tails faster and more consistent. I still think the pointy tips look cool.