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Default RE: Experience with

Rip n Bank -

I've got a FlyCamOne2 that I've messed around with on the ground and am pleased with the video I get out of it. Now I want to mount it on a power plane. Was going to mount it on the bottom of my trainer (O.S. 61 FX) or on top of my Siren electric Hotliner.

1. If I mount it on my O.S. .61 FX powered trainer, am I likely to have a vibration problem? And how do I resolve that vibration problem?
2. Is the velcro that came with the camera sufficiently strong to attach it to a plane? Am leary about attaching the camera using velcro!!!

I suspect I should mount it to the bottom of my electric Siren Hotliner but might not be able to strap it to the bottom.