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Default RE: GP .60 Reactor Bibe

I was planning on ordering one of these, so Iread reviewed the manual at Tower Hobbies.

I'm notvery impressed with the design of this model after reviewing the manual - it seems like something that was designed years ago. Having to solder the connectors for the control rods, why? I'm no fan of soldering, I don't mind doing it where necessary, but it certainly isn't necessary here. Why isn't there an alignment jig to make sure you have the wing incidences setup correctly? Plus lots of little pieces to glue when installing the wing.

Does a biplane this size really need 4 aileron servos - is there that much play between wings if you use connectors? I was hoping to build a light weight electric version of this plane, use a controller with a switching BEC that would eliminate the need for a receiver pack. But with a total of 7 servos I don't think I want to risk this, the Eflight Pro 60A only supports 6 digital servos.

Compared to the small Reactor Bipe, this one seems like a big step backwards. For $300, I expected more. I was all set to order one, now I'm not so sure.

I'm also disappointed that there isn't a designed for electric version of this plane. If it is designed like the Reactor .46 monoplane glow/electric, it will be much heavier than necessary for electric.

The last two Reactors have been a bit of a disappointment to me, I was also interested in the 160 size until Iread the manualand decided I didn't like the design.