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Default RE: GP .60 Reactor Bibe


Can't wait for a flight report and video, Jason. Great to see someone who knows what he's doing doing the build, rather than some old guy who puts a SuperTigre 61 in it and says "loops are as tight as you want them."

Looks awesome, I want one.
I will be sure and keep posting the progress. Planning on working on it tonight some. Getting really close so I might have it ready before the XFC.
The wings are really easy to mount to the fuse. That is a where most Bibe's are a PINTA.This only has the fiberglassone piece cabane and the solid interplanes struts just bolt onto tabs in thewing. ps. I will make sure it does akiller loop just for you!
This model is designed to accept electric power very easily. Just knockout laser cut air vents and installthe battery tray where the fuel tank is on mine.
The ailerons arepretty big so I wouldnot want to use just one per side. The linkage would not be that hard but youwould have to usea very strong servo. Still think flutter potential is to high.
You are claiming you like electric set ups but your scared tosolder? How can that be?This model uses what I would consider typical linkages for a 60 size model.