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Default RE: actual Size of JETT/Nelson mounts

Thanks again guys, the mistake was mine. I came home and went to re-check my SS, and I noticed the numbers were flashing on my digital calipers. [:@] I changed the battery and guess what? I measured 2.2520 x 2.2515 on the back plate! I should have known they wouldn't be that far out... I put the SS on the front of the plug, and you can just barely feel an edge.

      Phil, don't you worry buddy, I will make sure they come out on the fat and heavy side just for you!! You know I am a stickler for the rules, and my planes have always met the rules (even if just by the smallest of margin's! ) But if you want me to make you some big, fat heavy ones, I will make them just for you!

      Thanks Fizzwater2 for the Jett measurements, I will more than likely go with a cast 428 engine when I take the plunge so that is good to know. I will leave my firewall at 2.25 square and call it good! Just out of curiosity, do the mufflers for the Jett LS and the Nelson LS have the same dimensions and spacing at the rear near the exhaust? I ask because my gear and fuse are pretty close at that point. If I need to adjust it, I want to do it now! These revisions are a pain in the, ... well, ... you know what! [:@]

Thanks a ton guys, [8D]