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Default RE: UT-160 turbine? Feedback please?

Has anyone completed a 160-ZA engine and run it yet?

Hi Paul, very good looking stuf there. No I haven't finnished the UT engine, I went another way and replaced the compressor by yet a larger one and redesigned the diffuser angles.
The compressor wheel is a very impressing looking schwitzer wheel, 82mm turned down to 74mm, intake 56mm, tip height of 6.5mm, diffuser blade height extended to 7mm in the effort to decrease airspeed in the already too small diffuser.

All proved to work great, much better than I expected!! At 120.000rpm the engine already reaches a massive 18kg thrust and the scales where already tipped at 19kg and 20kg is possible at 125.000rpm! This is really increadable from such a small engine, I couldn't imagine this was possible. My engine weights 1150 grams which must be half of it's commercial variants with the same thrust?

Below some pictures of this little monster: