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Default Which cars/trucks would you NOT recommend, based on your experience?

There are a ton of threads asking things like: "I'm a noob. What truck should Iget?" or "What is the best car?"

There's a thread going now, over in the general forum asking why it always turns into a fight when someone asks what is best.

That made me wonder, based just on your experience, what cars/trucks have you guys had that you would not buy again?

I'll start. If they Tamiya re-releasedThe Falcon, I wouldn't buy it. It didn't seem like Ihad to hit a curb very hard to break the chassis, back in the day.

I wouldn't buy a Tamiya Brat again. Maybe Ihad unrealistic expectations, but I expected it to be a bit more durable. The steering tie rod is always bending on me. I've only ever had mild crashes. (never into a curb or anything hard, just roll-overs) I've never jumped it. Just not durable enough, even though it was considered pretty durable in '83. I was going to buy a Slash, but wanted to build a car from parts, so Iwent this way.


On the other hand, I would buy a Stampede or Lunch Box again. Both very durable and fun. By extension, I would risk a Hornet or Grasshopper, since they're so similar to the Lunch Box.

I would buy an E-Revo based on my limited experience driving koolwhipman's.Very durable and capable. The only downsides seem to be the cost and battery-hungriness.