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Default RE: Which cars/trucks would you NOT recommend, based on your experience?

Lets see,

Cars i wouldn't buy again.

Evader BX Pro - Huge mistake.
Evader EXT - Again. Huge mistake. Wasn't worth the $89 I paid for it.
Raven - fragile and finding parts was impossible.
Trinity Now. Just poorly designed and again, Hard to get parts.
E-maxx - Both models. Where do I even start!!!
Losi mini LST2. Way too fragile.
TT-01D - Not a bad car. Just don't understand the fascination of RC drifting.
Losi XXX - Good racer. Really Bad basher. It seemed like that thing would break if I got with 10 ft of hitting something.
Assoc B4 - Again, Good racer, bad basher
Mini Quake Non-pro. The SE PRO is a great truck. The regualar truck is not so good.
I;m sure there are more but that's what comes to mind right now.

Going back a few years. Things I wouldn't buy again.
Kyosho raider. I always wanted one as a kid but didn't get it until a couple of years back. Huge dissapointment.
Tamiya Bruiser - Yes i said it. I wouldn't do that again for any amount of money. Great body but keeping those things running is a huge PITA.
Tamiya King cab - Diff halfs where too soft and you could never get the ball diff to stop slipping.
Futaba FX10 ( AKA tamiya striker buggy). You think the grasshopper is primitive !!

Things i would buy again.

Traxxas rustler - Great all around stadium truck for bashing. Needs some mods to go racing but it can be done.
Traxxas Pede - Seriously tough go anywhere 2WD monster truck.
Traxxas Slash - Do I need to list reasons?
Traxxas bandit VXL - There is no easier way to go 70 mph. All of the toughness of the Rustler in a buggy chassis.
Tamiya hotshot, boomerang, fire dragon, brat, frog, hornet, grasshopper, pajero, etc etc. These are my favorites because these are the cars I grew up with and they're kits. I love the classics.
MRC thunder king - You thing todays 1/8 scale are tough. If you haven't seen one of these things.......
Tamiya TA-02 stadium trucks. Awesome scale trucks and tough.
TL-01 chassis buggies and touring cars. This chassis was under the baja champ and king as well as a ton of touring cars a few years back. Not nearly as agile as today's buggies but strong and very capable.

There are a ton more i'd buy but i just don't have the time to list them all.