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Default RE: Which cars/trucks would you NOT recommend, based on your experience?

ORIGINAL: FairTax4me

A thread like this really doesn't prove much IMO, except for a select few vehicles that really are trash, most of what people will choose to buy or not to buy again comes down to what they hear other people saying about that product. Who knows if they've ever even owned one to judge it themselves? Everyone is guilty of bashing a product that they've never used, and you can't blame them because it's human nature. Is like trying to argue between Chevy, Ford, or Dodge (I don't even like typing that "word").
And personal experiences can differ based on expectations derived from hearsay. If you expect a vehicle to perform a certain way based on what you've heard/read, and it doesn't come close, your opinion of that vehicle is probably going to be pretty low.
i was just thinking the same thing, i could look through my tower catolage and just sit there and say ya or na without even a seconed thought, and like i posted earlier, peoples opinions will vary depending on what they had expected from vids on the tube and forum users like us, and as far as other cars go, you cant judge acar in absolutes, and of course there are exceptions to the rules. for example, most (everyone really) will tell you that a pede could never race but i do it every saturday and keep up with the best of them! but then again that is an extreme so isnt probably something i would base my opinion off of, another example is venom, most people (myself included) have a low opinion of them but my neibor has packs that are a few years old and work fine despite a lot of abuse. also for people like me who are open minded and are creative, these "whats good/bad" threads are meaningless. and in the end alot of times they dont listen and have already made up there minds, and yes, ive said buy this or that but who hasnt?

rant over