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Default RE: GP .60 Reactor Bibe

  Well I have it ready to go and hope to test hop her tonight. 
    Some specs:
       OS .91 Surpass 
       Tru Turn Anodized Spinner
       APC 15x6
       Ailerons and Elevator Hobbico CS-35 servos x6
       Rudder s3050 Futaba
       Throttle s 3151 Futaba
       RX R617FS  FASST
       Battery FlightPower 2100 RX 2s Lipo
       Regulator 5 Amp FlightTech
    Used all the hardware but the nylon clevis' and 2-56 aileron pushrods.  Used Great Planes 4-40 Metal clevis' and pushrods instead. 
  AUW 7 pounds 5 oz.  with the listed equipment. 
      I don't have pictures right now but will get some later tonight. 
       Roy sorry I did not make it down this weekend. I went to the HuckFest in Rockford, IL instead.  
 Using just 2 servos on the ailerons is not a good idea.  To much flex and torsion load. When you see how large the ailerons really are you won't have any doubt that 4 servos are needed.