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Default RE: Best 26cc Engine

Pending how you want to fly it, any decent 26 may or may not be enough. My vote would be for a 3W28, or the Syssa 30 (1.8) as Rich pointed out above.

I flew my QQ 73" Yak with a lightened and modified Zenoah 26...and it would spin a good 18x6 just above 9000rpm. The engine and 10oz tank replaced a YS 1.40 and 17-1/2 oz tank. The all up weight of the plane, with both engine configurations was identical, 11 lbs. Though I felt the 26 offered very good sport performance, and perhaps just barely enough to risk some low altitude 3d, I wouldn't recommend it for unlimited performance. I think at 10lbs or a little less, the 26 would have been perfect. Or, any good 26 on a tuned pipe. But for the weight of the additional pipe, along with the investment, I'd bump up the displacement enough to compensate instead, such as with the 3W28 or Syssa 30.

Good luck, and let us know how your project progresses!