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Default RE: Best 26cc Engine

....So far, the Syssa appears worth the consideration, in this class of engine. If you want fully tested, dependable, longevity...etc, get yourself a good used G26 with RCignition EI or CH EI, and with the money saved, put a Macs Tuned pipe on it....and spend your time flying and smiling. You should see around 10000rpm on this setup with good carbon 18x6 prop. Plenty of thrust for this plane and unlimited performance.

Aside from Syssa, I believe DL engines is also coming out with a 30cc class engine soon, and given DL's history thus far for providing a good performing product, and given a couple of VERY good US sales/support guys, they are making a good mark for themselves. You have plenty of options, some require a more hefty investment for quality, and some might require a bit of risk being at the forefront of consumer experience. In the end, you will have to choose what you believe is the best path for your comfort level.